Basic Driver Improvement Course (BDI), 4 Hour Course

This defensive driving course is for the individual who is attending:

  • To satisfy a court order
  • Voluntarily to receive a reduction in violation points or insurance discount
  • TCAC (Traffic Collision Avoidance Course)
  • As an employer requirement


4-Hour First Time Driver Course (TLSAE)

TLSAE – A First Time Driver Course that is required of all new drivers in Florida. The course covers information regarding Alcohol/ Drugs, New driver responsibilities and similar topics.

Also known as Traffic Law and Substance Abuse Education


Florida 8-Hour Intermediate Driver Improvement Course

Normally ordered by the courts as part of a sentencing judgment, this course is for the individual who has:

  • Received multiple traffic citations
  • Received mandatory or serious traffic violations
  • Been involved in numerous collisions


8-Hour Aggressive Driver Course

Normally ordered by the courts as part of a sentencing judgment, The Aggression Suppression Seminar is a Florida defensive driving course for the individual who has:
  • Received several traffic violations in a short period of time
  • Been identified by law enforcement as an aggressive driver
  • A habitual traffic offender


Florida 4-Hour Safe New Attitude Program (SNAP)

The Safe New Attitude Program (SNAP), A youthful offender course, was developed for drivers between the ages of 16 to 25 who have received traffic violations or been involved in a traffic collision. The Florida SNAP program is a behavior modification program which focuses on how their Values + Attitudes = Behavior ™


12-Hour Advanced Driver Improvement (ADI)

Traffic Survival Workshop Level III is a Florida defensive driving course for serious or habitual offenders. The Traffic Survival Workshop Level II is designed for the person who has had their driver’s license suspended by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or has been court ordered. Certain courts require a violator to attend a defensive driving program for serious/habitual offenders and the Level II online defensive driving courses normally meets this mandate.

New Jersey

New Jersey Traffic School

New Jersey Defensive Driving A reduction of up to two (2) points on your driving record for three (3) years. A minimum of 5% reduction in auto liability, no-fault and collision insurance premiums each year for five (5) years, if you are the principle operator of a vehicle. Student evaluations and studies indicate students enjoy the course and learn something important about safe driving.

New York

New York Traffic Survival Workshop

At TSF we cater our New York Defensive Driving course to the individual who:
Wants to reduce the number of points on their license through our approved NY Defensive Driving Course/Point Reduction Course.
Wants to receive a discount on their insurance by taking our approved NY Defensive Driving Course/Insurance Discount Course.
Needs to take the class as required by an employer. or Wishes to increase their driving knowledge.


Virginia Traffic School

Virginia Defensive Driving (8 hours)
The Virginia Traffic School Online Course (Level 1) (Virginia Defensive Driving Course) contains the most current information on defensive driving, collision avoidance, and the dangers of alcohol and drugs. The Virginia Traffic School Course fulfills the 8-hour traffic school requirement for the driver cited for minor traffic violations. Our Virginia Traffic School course is also a DMV-licensed course.

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